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  • Prof Mama Amida


Protection Spells are spells that are used for one’s protection. These spells forms a shield of protection around you so that no witchcraft, black magic or Evil Eye can ever harm you or trouble you. Again Protection Spells are always safe and they will never harm or they don’t have any side effects.

Protection Spells are of different types, it can be protection from any type of black magic or evil spell casting, it can be protection while traveling, protection from bad luck, protection from gun shots, protection from accidents and so on.

Out all these protections the most important protection spell is the one for protection from Black Magic, Witch Craft, Hexes and Curses.

In this world when humans are progressing and touching success etc there are also evil jealous people who don’t want you to be successful and then they try to destroy your success by spell casting of black magic spells or any evil spells to harm you.

That’s why if you want to be happy and successful in today’s world then it is important that you are spiritually protected so that all the obstacles that will come in the way of your success are destroyed and you will touch the sky, you will be successful and will prosper

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